Wavor precision machinery (shanghai) Co.,Ltd
Founded in 2008, Wavor specializes in torque tools. We could not only provide efficient and durable, cost-effective torque tools, but also innovative solutions and services in locking and removing bolt &nut for industrial installation and maintenance, thus maximize production efficiency and reduce cost. 
Reasonable design and high quality parts is very important to high quality product! Our designers expressed their outstanding design concept incisively and vividly through the ergonomic composites handle, convenient and suitable operate of positive & negative switching, as well as one-hand operated pistol style handle design. What is as important as as the easy-to-use exterior design of the tool, is the availability of the continuous precise torque output through the durable and accurate transmission gear parts of the internal components. With large amounts of computer aided design, dynamic simulation and repeatedly test, Wavor products are ensured not only in meeting the strict requirement of tool performance, but also the durability performance under different working situation.
Now Wavor have three major series products, torque range: 100Nm - 12,000Nm, for more than 50 styles:

Electric torque wrench: combined with the fast-developing technology of  digital control, Wavor chooses the single-chip digital display intelligence torque control system, with anti-overload and power-off memory function, so the performance is much superior to traditional analog control circuits system, in not need of torque table and much more convenient to operate.
Pneumatic torque wrench: with low noise, high performance air power motor, its noises is lower than 80Dba. The unique reverse bias motor  design offers higher torque output of anti-clockwise, so as to to satisfy higher torque requirements when removing nuts.
Hand torque multiplier: applicable to working situation where high torque is required but external power supply or space is limited. In order to improve the operation convenience and safety, all styles are equipped with reliable and durable anti-returning device. 
Wavor sincerely looking forward to your cooperation and support!