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Published:2018-03-06 Customized bolts large constr
       Wavor as a professional supplier of the electric torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, torque multiplier, cordless torque wrench, in large torque tool development, sales, service has reached ten years. Keep "dedication, innovation, beyond" concept, for the domestic and international market to provide high quality tools and bolt dismounting solutions!
       As the saying goes, ten years of grinding sword! In ten years, the electric torque wrench, gas Wavor only focus on the research and development, selling and service 450Nm-12000Nm  electric torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, torque multiplier and cordless torque wrench.
      In the hard work of Wavors, our products in the national infrastructure projects (grid, subway), energy (oil, electricity), heavy machinery (mining machinery, chemical machinery, etc.) and other industries play an important role, Till now, Wavor torque product service in all walks of life for thousands of sets.
      Wavor has many types of products, torque wrench series, a wide range of torque (450Nm-12000Nm): ETW series electric torque wrench, PSW, PAW, PTW series pneumatic torque wrench, HM series torque multiplier, RMW series cordless electric torque wrench, bolt disassembly can meet the different industries and different conditions.
      Recently, Wavor provided a pneumatic torque wrench and a customized reaction arm for a leading company of the construction machinery industry, to solve the problem of its many years of bolt dismounting: Bolt in M30, torque requirement is 3800Nm, the space is very narrow, even barely into the 1 socket and equipment shell block bolt and direction. Customer had tried to use a variety of tools such as hydraulic wrench, but did not succeed, because the space is too small!!!
      Wavor on-site service engineers went to the scene to measure the working conditions several times, and understood the customer requirements, designed the customized reaction arm and extension rod for them, successfully solved the customer problems, and received the high praise from customers.

Pneumatic torque wrench and customized reaction arm in using

      Research and development of Wavor only focus on high-quality torque tools, not only to provide high quality electric torque wrench, pneumatic torque wrench, torque multiplier and cordless torque wrench for all walks of life, but also for different customers, different industries and different site engineering solutions customized bolt disassembly!