ESW single speed electric wrench


Single speed electric wrenchSingle speed electric wrench:

*Small size、light weight、more portable

◎Input:220-240V AC,50/60Hz
◎Preset torque and automatic shutoff when reaching the set torque
◎High output and repeat accuracy:±5% and ±3%
◎Digital torque control system with LCD display
◎Free connection of power handle and drive unit
◎Portable and durable design, low noise, with overload protection
◎With long-life and automatic cut-off carbon brushes
◎Double insulation, more safe
◎Industrial design, continuous use ability

High intense transparent plastic shell, protect the LCD panel / button effetively.

Model selection:
For loosening,the torque sould be 50% bigger than tightening

 Single speed electric wrench

Model Torque  (Nm)  Square
Diameter D
Length L
Free Speed
Weight* (kg)
ESW-04 80-450 3/4" 76 395 21 5.4
ESW-08 100-850 3/4" 76 395 12 5.4
ESW-12 200-1200 1" 76 400 9 5.5
*Excluding the reaction arm weight, the standard reaction arm is about 0.9kg