PTW-A angle pneumatic torque wrench

◎Air supply:6bar compressed air, max consumption is 600L/min
◎Preset torque,output and repeat accuracy:±5% and ±3%
◎Powerful and low noise, less than 80Dba under load
◎More suitable for limited working space compared
    to the straighttype
◎With manual 2-speed gearbox,high/low speed 
    can be shifted freely
◎Equipped with brake system to protect the operator
◎Supply scope: Air register, hose, quick coupling
    (air inlet connector of air register is excluded)

 Compressed air releases quickly in air motor and takes a lot of 
heat, thus power unit will notheat up obviously under continuous
high workload,even in hot summer.

                                         360 degree rotate                                                              Air register kit, standard supply
                                                                                                                                       for pneumatic series



Model Torque (Nm) Square  C 

Diameter  D

High  H
Free speed*
PTW-14A 200-1400 1" 88 253 22.0 7.9
PTW-29A 410-2900 1" 88 274 9.0 8.7
PTW-40A 560-4000 1-1/2" 96 294 7.0 10.4
PTW-62A 870-6200 1-1/2" 114 329 5.0 12.3 
PTW-120A 1880-12000 1-1/2" 143 390 2.0 19.6

*Above weight does not include reaction arm
*Free speed is no load speed at 6bar air pressure under gear 2